Symmathesetic Aretê

I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts. They never stop thinking. Never stop thunking.

This is a zettelkasten. It’s intended to be an ever evolving snapshot of the inner workings of my brain. If you’re looking for coherent thoughts and well polished ideas, this isn’t the place. I hope to spend some time every day working through this.

You’ll notice that the writing style in here is a mix of “authoritative sounding” academic narrative, inquisitive, and a more personable explanatory voice. I’d like to remind myself to write more in a personable voice that’s more honest about my actual expertise level, rather than defaulting to an authoritary reference voice even if I’m not personally an authoritary reference on a subject. (This is more of a thing I’d like to get better at in general).

Whenever I remember, I’ve tried to list references to things, but there’s quite a lot of internalized knowledge I’m likely not citing yet; that’ll improve over time. The general idea with the references is to embed in this zettelkasten the different “types” of notes and hopefully differentiate between them better.

  • Fleeting
  • Literary
  • Permanent
  • Reference Material


Note to self: