Symmathesetic Aretê

I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts. They never stop thinking. Never stop thunking.

⚠️ Warning:

These are raw, unfiltered notes. They may be wrong, incomplete, and/or non-sensical. Don’t take them too seriously 😅

However, they should never be harmful. If I have written something harmful, uninclusive, or otherwise problematic here, I’d greatly appreciate being notified so that I have the opportunity to do better.

This is intended to be an ever evolving snapshot of the inner workings of my brain. If you’re looking for coherent thoughts and well polished ideas, this isn’t the place. I hope to spend some time every day working through this.

You’ll notice that the writing style in here is a mix of “authoritative sounding” academic narrative, inquisitive, and a more personable explanatory voice. I’d like to remind myself to write more in a personable voice that’s more honest about my actual expertise level, rather than defaulting to an authoritary reference voice even if I’m not personally an authoritary reference on a subject. It’s a hard habit to break, especially when I’m writing reference thoughts for future me, but I think it’s worth improving and reflecting on. (This is more of a thing I’d like to get better at in general).

Whenever I remember, I’ve tried to list references to things, but there’s quite a lot of internalized knowledge I’m likely not citing yet; that’ll improve over time.

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