Applying to Jobs the Smart Way

How to apply to job:

  1. Pick company.
  2. Glance at open roles
  3. Pull up LinkedIn or Twitter. Find person connected to team
    • Start with hiring manager. They are geared to escalate Candidate With Immediate Intent
    • Hi X, I’m considering my next move and was hoping I could grab a virtual coffee with you about [Y, Y team, and what it’s doing] and @company. I’d like to learn more.
      • Better: “Hi [person], I’m considering my next move, and saw Stripe has an opening for infrastructure engineer mentioning Kubernetes. My current team just migrated from ECS to K8S. It was a bit of a mixed bag, would love to see if Stripe felt some of the same pain”
      • Add: “I wrote up some of my reflections on this here…”
  4. Ask culture fit questions
  5. Ask for advice on applying
  6. If I have no experience, build a quick thing with an API (related to position) or something and then talk to a DevRel about it
  7. Interviewing the Company