Blog Ideas

  • Devops position hiring post
  • Deep Dive into building the world offline (nix shell + centos-sandbox)
  • Rust mono-repo CI

I was originally planning on doing a lightning talk, but with the demand being high, I’m going to do a dev talk instead. Is there anything people would like to hear about? I can do something more immediately concrete (like an overview of how I accomplished something), or more theoretical, or even a blend. Some ideas I’ve been floating in my head for a while to give a talk on are:

On the more concrete side of things:

  • Infrastructure as code: making ovirt and terraform behave
  • Building fully offline sandboxes and caches using nix
  • Haskell repo with submodules: From 3 build systems to 1
  • Rust mono-repo: haha code code make CI go brrrr

On the more theoretical side of things:

  • CI pipeline best practices
  • Ergonomics: strategies for optimizing feedback loops and making programs/libraries easier to use, build, deploy, and contribute to
  • Explaining DevOps as a cultural shift
  • The Nature of Software Delivery