CAP Theorem for Software Engineering

CAP Theorem

Effective Organizational Cultures that make the “what” and the “how” more explicit, such as Unicorn Project: 5 Ideals or Phoenix Project: 3 Ways, are ones that prioritize Consistency or Availability.

They offer more advice on ways to improve the process as part of an emphasis on Continuous Learning as a means of Focus, Flow, Joy, rather than for the sake of facilitating Joy at Work.


  • Relating whether a system optimizes for harvest or yield to software engineering.
  • Relating CAP tradeoffs to software cultures:
    • google: consistency over availability
    • amazon: availability over consistency
  • If a company tolerates divergence, consistency and availability can be maintained even with partition failures.
  • Most companies do not tolerate divergence, which often manifests itself in not granting their employees sufficient autonomy to succeed.