Flow Metrics

Caution: Flow metrics, like anything else, are not a perfect solution Focus, Flow, Joy. A combination of them along with other ways of thinking about the Symmathesy are required.

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  • Flow Velocity: Is value delivery accelerating

    • number of flow items of each type completed over period of time
  • Flow Distribution: Helps prioritize type of work

    • ratio of flow items completed over window of time
  • Flow time: Identifies Time to Value

    • Time for flow items to go from start to complete
  • Flow efficiency: identify waste

    • ratio of active time vs wait time out of total flow time
  • Flow load: monitor utilization of value streams

    • number of flow items in progress in a value stream
  • Related to Theory of Constraints Measuring Throughput:

    • Net Profit: throughput minus operating expenses
    • Return on Investment: net profit divided by investment
    • Productivity: throughput divided by operating expenses
    • Investment Turns: throughput divided by investment
  • Ops Meta-Metrics

  • Project Metrics

  • Metrics Charts


  • value stream: all steps from start of value creation to delivery of end result to customer
  • value creation . value delivery
  • Flow items: features, defects, debt, risk
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