Interviewing the Company

Here’s a short list of things you should look for as you discover exactly what the company needs:

  • Company name

  • Company size

  • Mission statement

  • Company goals

  • Company culture

    • How well does the company actually adhere to the culture? Are URMs visible and present? Safe? ND people?
  • Company challenges/struggles

  • Company website and jobs page (a link to the specific job listing would be great, plus a link to their generic jobs page)

  • What types of other jobs are they trying to fill right now? How many of each type?

  • A summary of what your know about the company from blog posts, news, experience with their products, etc.

  • Are they growing? How quickly?

  • Identify needs and challenges the company or team has.

  • Identify specific ways you can help them address those needs and challenges.

  • Answer interview questions by telling them how you’ll help them address their needs and challenges.

Phrase things in the context of them. “you” vs I I I I

Questions to ask:

  1. what does a day look like for the role?
  2. what are biggest challenges for team right now?
  3. what is company culture like?
  4. what can you tell me about the group I’d be working with?
  5. Can you tell me about career growth opportunities for the job?
  6. are there side projects or initiatives the team is working on rn?
  7. how has the company changed in the past year?
  8. Favorite thing about working here? Least favorite?
  9. Expectations for role first 90 days?