Psychological Safety

  • Inefficiencies aren’t within the individual or even the team, they’re in the cross coordination
  • Visibility doesn’t mean you or your team or your work will be criticized
  • Bring teams into conversation
  • Empower them with ownership of their own Flow Metrics
  • As companies reach a threshold where things become more difficult to keep in sync
    • Researchers need ownership of their own processes
    • Transparency is about Enabling and empowering, not opening to criticism
    • Help teams improve daily work by
      • Making it easier to learn from tribal knowledge
      • Making it easier to fix inefficiencies in complex processes
    • Harm reduction is an idea in public health that says basically: people are going to do risky activities (intravenous drug use, sex, drinking alcohol, maybe abusing alcohol), and instead of saying “just say no to drugs!”, we can choose to help make those activities less risky.
  • Have code that isn’t broken and prioritize fixing it by having a Test Suites
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