Taking Care of Code… More and More Code

  • software is either dead (out of production) or alive. If its alive, it needs to grow
  • limitation of team is cognitive load. There are three types:
    • germane: business domain. Complexity here has value.
    • intrinsic: language, frameworks, integrations, runtimes. Necessary complexity.
    • Extrinsic: procedures, credentials, everything else. Eliminate this as much as possible.
      • Automate away extrinsic complexity
      • Atomist sits on the entire github org and allows you to write configuration for enabling features per org rather than per repo so you don’t have to repeat boilerplate.
    • consistency is for machines, drugery is for machines, waiting is for machines.
    • https://srvaroa.github.io/paas/infrastructure/platform/kubernetes/cloud/2020/01/02/talk-how-to-build-a-paas-for-1500-engineers.html
      • creating an event bus to handle everything.