Taskwarrior Workflow

  • Have daily todos
  • Have ways to group multiple todos under a single project/task/etc/whatever
  • Create a “collection bucket” shortcut for zk to dump stuff into there.
    • Create shortcut to review the collection bucket
  • Zk and taskwarrior integration?
    • create zk note per “project”
    • maybe in folder that is gitignored?
  • Modify shell prompt to show contextual taskwarrior stuff

GTD with Taskwarrior


  • task add +in
  • report:
    report.in.columns = id,description
    report.in.description = Inbox
    report.in.filter = status:pending limit:page (+in)
    report.in.labels = ID,Description
  • Differentiate between committed todo and maybe-todo
  • Automatic waiting list maintenance
    • Automatically list Projects with no “next” or “waiting” action
    • Automatically poll projects with waiting actions to see if action has been made

Best Practices

  • Commit to fewer tasks, but record the others in a someday-maybe list.
  • Use the someday-maybe list heavily. Look at them every week in the review to make sure you’re okay with not doing what’s on the list.
  • Commit to as few projects at a time as possible and keep them up to date.
  • Use +waiting items to keep tabs on I/O bound projects.


tickle () {
    in +tickle wait:$deadline $@
alias tick=tickle