What Will The Next 10 Years Of Continuous Delivery Look Like?

  • Everyone does test driven development.
  • Some people keep the tests after they pass.
  • CD is about the continuous delivery of ideas.
  • CD things like IaC, testing strategy, etc., iterative planning, team structure, etc., are all of three categories:
    • (measures of success)
    • culture performance
    • technical performance
    • organiational performance
  • https://www.devops-research.com/research.html
  • outcomes -> {knowledge gap: what we know vs what we’d like to know} -> plans -> {alignment gap: what we want people to do vs what they do} -> actions -> {effect gap: expected vs actual outcome} -> outcomes
    • work in smaller steps

work culture:

how does company view IT?

cost centerassetpartnerenabler (best structure)
focus oncostReturn on Investmentbusiness valuespeed and innovation
common strategyoutsource ITharmonize/rationalizeinsource itIT = business
leverscost cuttingeconomies of scaleeconomies of speed

Software Development

  • software development is learning + managing complexity. Optimize for these things.
  • Engineering is applying science to solving problems
  • Apply the scientific method in a feedback loop = devops
product design and developmentproduct delivery
create new products and servicesenable fast flow from dev to production
feature design may require work never performed beforeintegration, test, deloy, performed as quickly as possible
estimates are highly uncertaincycle times well known and predictable
outcomes have high variabilityoutcomes have low variability
  • Column A is the input to the engine created in column B
  • Most of your ideas will be bad ideas, so you need to be able to iterate on them rapidly
  • “why don’t you measure lead time from idea to implementation?” You’re crossing two domains. From idea to delivery. Don’t cross the streams.
  • Are you doing CI?
    • All developer branches are merged into main trunk at least once a day
    • If master breaks it’s fixed within 10 minutes
  • You need an emotional response to drive change from the executive level of an organization.
  • Use a metaphor of video chats: if the other person on the other side is frozen, you’re not getting that immediate feedback that you need to be able to carry on a conversation effectively and it destroys your ability to share information with others.
  • Think of a value stream like a stream of salt coming out of a salt shaker: that’s CD. Being able to say “say when” as a cutoff point is a huge game changer in CEOs being able to reason about what things are going to look like 6 months down the road.